Mission and Vision

CANEGROWERS’ vision is to ensure a secure and profitable future for cane growers.

Our Mission

To be a truly effective, enduring and unifying force in maximising the profitability, productivity and sustainability of local cane growers, now and for the future.

Our Vision

To ensure a secure and profitable future for cane growers.

In order to fulfil our vision and mission, members are individually and collectively advantaged through CANEGROWERS Burdekin.

Lower input costs

Facilitating and/or offering servics to help members reduce and gain benefits from lower input costs... energy; water management; consumables; services; environment


Advocacy starts in the paddock, listening to the concerns of growers.  These concerns are addressed at a local and state level, which are then advocated to policy makers & regulators at all levels of government … four local CBL Directors on the QCGO policy council

Greater productivity

Assisting members to continually improve their production performance and farm outcomes … CSA; farm management economics; BMP, performance benchmarking; technical support services

Canegrowers influence

Fostering unity of purpose to ensure strength of voice and influence in promoting member interests… representation; canenews; member communications.