CANEGROWERS Burdekin is the largest grower collective in the Burdekin and we represent members in all the four mill areas of Inkerman, Invicta, Pioneer and Kalamia. We are a member focussed not-for-profit organisation and provide strong leadership in the industry and wider community. Growers locally have been shaping the evolution of CANEGROWERS Burdekin for nearly 100 years and have brought us to where we are today, with a wealth of local knowledge and experience.

CANEGROWERS Burdekin is part of a nation-wide CANEGROWERS network, the recognised authority on the sugar industry, who has been advancing and protecting the interests of sugar cane farming families since 1926.  

CANEGROWERS Burdekin provides representation, leadership, services and promotes industry unity in the interest of all members. Through the strong support of our members, we bring a collective grower voice to our efforts that are focused on contributing to a future for the whole industry. By working collectively we strive to solve your biggest challenges. 



There are many issues which require good representation when it comes to managing a cane farming business. A farmer needs to be across a wide range of issues including layers of Government regulations, dealing with a sugar milling company in a monopolist situation, sugar marketing, the management of nutrient and pesticide application, water and electricity, workplace health and safety, transport, training, environment and best management practice.

When growers become CANEGROWERS Burdekin members, they can expect and receive strong representation to help them deal with these wide and varied issues.



CANEGROWERS Burdekin provides a range of services to members locally with additional services provided by the industry peak body CANEGROWERS.

Further to the exclusive member benefits, locally we offer business services to the community comprising of a payroll service and an insurance service, Solaris Insurance Brokers.

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