ACTION NEEDED: Become A Member of Sugar Research Australia Today

important that you know that you do not automatically become a member of SRA simply by paying the Sugarcane Levy. Under corporation law you have to formally join as a Member. Membership of Sugar Research Australia is free to cane growers, but you must sign the membership form that you received in the mail fromContinue reading “ACTION NEEDED: Become A Member of Sugar Research Australia Today”

CANEGROWERS Chairman to Address Rural Press Club

CANEGROWERS Queensland Chairman Paul Schembri will be addressing the next rural press club meeting to he held Friday 18 October from 12pm at the United Service Club in Brisbane. Paul will give his thoughts on how the industry will face challenges, and what the future holds for this well-established industry in an ever-changing world inContinue reading “CANEGROWERS Chairman to Address Rural Press Club”


Over the past week Burdekin CANEGROWERS Managers Debra Burden and Wayne Smith visited each mill’s laboratory to meet with the Work Place Coordinators who are in charge of cane auditing which is an essential component of the Cane Analysis Programme (CAP). Cane Auditors are independent and are employed to carry out specific duties to overviewContinue reading “IN SEASON CONSULTATIONS CONDUCTED”