Ergon Tariff Workshops

Grower Workshops on Ergon Tariff Changes

CBL has arranged for Ergon to conduct several grower workshops in the Burdekin on 31 May 2021 to explain the tariffs changes that come into effect from 1/7/21. Several of the the changes are still work in progress as the QCA is still yet to finalise its final price determination for the new prices that are to apply from 1 July 2021 and this price announcement has to be made by no later than 11 June 2021.

The benefit of participating in these workshops sooner rather than later is that it will help growers understand the upcoming changes which will then give you a full month to start considering what tariff selections you should be making to optimise/minimise your electricity costs based upon your planned usage.

Presenting the workshops from Ergon will be Brian Elmer, Customer and Community Projects Manager who will focus on the new load control tariffs and solutions for large users and Lisa McDonald, Manager Retail who will focus on small users (< 100MWh).

The workshops will cover off on the following key points:

  • The session would start with a general overview of the changing tariffs, highlighting the rates, structures and features of the tariffs available, for both small and large customers.
  • Discuss briefly issues around metering (meter types, costs and benefits of moving to remotely read digital metering).
  • As the new load control tariffs have some unique pros and cons, Ergon will outline those briefly.
  • Ergon can then answer any general questions on these tariffs.
  • Ergon will deliver live demonstrations, using the on-line tool Energy Analysis tool demonstrating the various features particularly the tariff comparator.
  • Questions from growers about their own position.

In addition to Ergon, Steve Attard from AgriTech Solutions will also be providing a presentation on tariff reviews with some examples of savings that growers can make based on making informed decisions about their tariff selection.

We have scheduled the following dates for these workshops:

  • Date:               31/5/21
  • Workshop 1:   10.00am at CANEGROWERS Inkerman Hall, 68 10th Street, Home Hill
  • Workshop 2:   1.00pm at Ayr PCYC, 164 MacMillan St, Ayr, QLD

These workshops will fill quickly so please RSVP to reserve your spot via email to or via phone 4790 3600.