Council General Rates

As advised in canenews edition dated 20 Dec, 2013 (on page 5) Burdekin Shire Council will soon commence the process to set their budget for Rates for 2014/15.

Council’s long term forecast (as published on page 24 in their Budget Meeting paper dated 9 July 2013) indicates that Council is forecasting an increase in General Rates by $1.4m for the coming year …this represents another 5.9% increase.  But even worse Council’s 5 year forecast is to increase General Rates by $6m from $23.6m pa to $29.7m pa a horrifying 26% increase.

We have facilitated a meeting with the other four collectives being Australian Cane Farmers Association, Pioneer Cane Growers Organisation, Kalamia Cane Growers Organisation and Invicta Cane Growers Organisation and we have all agreed to co-ordinate our efforts and unite on this important topic.

We are now waiting for the Council to confirm a meeting time.  We will keep growers informed of our progress in fighting for a fair deal on General Rates for all cane farmers in the Burdekin.