ACTION NEEDED: Become A Member of Sugar Research Australia Today

important that you know that you do not automatically become a member of SRA simply by paying the Sugarcane Levy.

Under corporation law you have to formally join as a Member. Membership of Sugar Research Australia is free to cane growers, but you must sign the membership form that you received in the mail from them recently, to continue to have a say in the direction of SRA.

If you need another SRA membership form, click here.

Membership of SRA is important so that growers continue to have their say and get directly involved in key aspects of the company to create a better future for the industry.

By growers joining SRA as members, it will ensure that the Australian sugarcane industry’s research and development is properly geared around the support of a strong cane growing sector.

CANEGROWERS strongly urges all growers to join.

 For more information about becoming an SRA member, you can visit the SRA website on or call Andrea Evers on 07 3331 3333 or email